Effective IT negotiations will protect you from unfavourable contract terms, high initial pricing and run-away future pricing and support charges.

IT Vendors have an obvious advantage at the negotiation table. Shouldn’t you level the playing field?
The vendor’s superior product knowledge and relevant experience can overwhelm a buyer’s purchasing team.

Mergers and acquisitions in the IT industry, with Oracle as a prime example, are creating powerful vendor groups and more complex deals. Meanwhile, the buyers are under increasing pressure to control costs with little or no leverage to negotiate against a more highly experienced vendor sales force.

At RMG we negotiate and re-negotiate IT deals every day. We see the same vendors over and over again across different accounts. The concessions we have gained in price, terms and support in the past allow us to do better deals for you in half the time. When you are making a long-term commitment to any technology direction and risking a significant amount of your budget, it makes sense to add expertise and level the playing field with the vendor.

If you are considering an independent specialist to help get a project started, get a bogged-down project finished or to handle a deal from start to signature, we can assist you.

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