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Phil Downe is a veteran IT negotiations specialist working out of Toronto, Ontario.

Phil DowneCIO’s, strategic sourcing specialists, corporate lawyers and renowned organizations across North America have turned to Phil Downe, one of the industry’s most trusted practitioners, for his expertise in technology negotiations.

Working out of Toronto, Ontario, Phil has used the tools and techniques developed and refined over a 30-year career to assist a variety of top corporations with the acquisition of computer systems, software licenses and services with major vendors such as CA, EMC, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP.

Phil has negotiated several Systems Implementation (SI) agreements (Accenture, CGE&Y, Deloitte-Touche, EDS Systemhouse, IBM, KPMG, LGS, PWC), outsourcing contracts, B2B and e-commerce projects.

  • Assistance with the drafting of RFPs.
  • Vendor Selection.
  • Drafting of statements of work and service level agreements.
  • Preparation of bargaining strategies and the principled negotiation on price.
  • Contract provisions and change control within the agreements.

Phil is the founder and president of Relations Management Group Inc. He has a B.Sc., Computer Science from Acadia University and Certificates in Dispute Resolution and Applied Negotiations from the Faculty of Law, University of Windsor. Phil also sits on the editorial advisory board of, and is a regular contributor to Purchasingb2b magazine.

From 1979 to 1988 Phil was employed in data center operations, competitive win-back programs and branch-marketing positions at IBM Canada Limited. He was recognized with numerous sales achievement awards and held top honors at IBM’s prestigious Account Marketing School.

In 1988 he founded Pro-Tech Leasing Inc., which specialized in computer leasing contracts ranging from personal computers to the largest mainframes. The business evolved to include hardware, software and implementation acquisition services. In 1997, upon moving to Toronto, Relations Management Group Inc. was formed to more accurately reflect the evolution of the business.

Phil has negotiated and/or consulted on numerous technology-related transactions throughout North America.

Whether you are considering a large or small transaction, and whether you seek or seeking assistance to get a project started or need a lead negotiator to see it through to final signature, please call Phil to discuss your requirements.

Highlights include:

  • leading a negotiating team to license a highly sophisticated, Customer Care and Billing System for wireless, long distance and paging services, including over 100 man-years of systems implementation and ongoing support services.
  • outsourcing the data centres, including server, LAN/WAN, desktop, and network support and helpdesk services for one of the largest health-science companies in North America.
  • outsourcing the invoice printing and mail handling services for one of the largest cable and wireless communications conglomerates in Canada
  • negotiating the license agreement for the PeopleSoft human resources modules and contracting for the systems implementation (PWC) team to modify and install the system for a 14,000-employee corporation.
  • negotiating the license agreement for the SAP financial, supply management and human resources modules and contracting for the systems implementation teams (Andersen, BearingPoint) to modify and install the system for a six billion dollar corporation with 23,000 employees.
  • negotiating for a fully integrated national telecommunications system for the largest railroad in Canada, consisting of a series of private branch exchanges, managed through a unique Bell service and Nortel equipment contract.
  • negotiating the acquisition of equipment and services to consolidate four European data centers into a single data center with a hot backup site for a multi-national frozen foods company.
  • negotiating the license of the products and software required to create and maintain a state-of-the-art dispatch and communications system, including hand-held, barcode enabled devices, radio, wireless and satellite communications with GPS tracking capabilities for a large North American trucking concern.

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